Muama Enence: Speak 20 Languages In 2 Seconds
Press release: 07 July, 2021: For centuries, people had trained interpreters to communicate. But it's difficult to train a qualified translator. And not everyone can travel with one. So a bright group of young Chinese gurus thought, what about using AI?
Their team has always had a dream to change the way people communicate to promote cultural development; to make cross-culture communication a more pleasant thing, and to have all countries linked with each other and finally make our earth a real global village. Electronic translator.
So they created Muama Enence; a portable device which uses artificial intelligence to make translations in real time. You speak into the device, and it spits out your sentence in your desired language almost instantly, with 90% accuracy.
This is Not an App. It's Better
Although I've used the word "app" in the title, this isn't really an app; whatever you want to call it; a voice translator, an audio translator, a travel translator, it's all of these things, but important to note that it's a device in it's own right.
And the reason it is different to an app, is that Muama Enence supports off-line operation (only English-Chinese is available offline right now, but updates to support more languages are coming soon), so it's capable of running normally even if there's no signal, which is totally different from even the best language translator app; most of them are completely depend on data traffic.
Secondly, phones can power many apps at the same time when travelling, which leads to fast battery consumption. But Muama Enence being it's own device means a longer battery life. It currently lasts for 72 hours on standby, and 6 hours of use before it needs recharging.
How to Use Muama Enence Portable Voice Translator
Muama Enence is literally as easy as selecting your two languages, and speaking into the device. The person to whom you're communicating with then speaks into the device, and it translates back to you. You can speak back and forth, with 90% accuracy.
It currently supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Catlan, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, with the aim to update more languages soon.
It has a built in speaker, and a dual noise reduction built in microphone to make the conversation as clear as possible, and is operated with an LCD touch display. Though while a kick ass translator, the device offers a lot more.
It supports MP3 Player (and earphones), and you can play / record music and other files when you're not using the translation feature. There's a pedometer, so you can record the amount of steps you're taking while away, and 3G / WiFi so you can connect via a hotspot off your phone to stay online. It also has Bluetooth capability. Translation app without internet.
There's a GPS positioning feature, and it supports WhatsAPP which is the main social media for communication throughout China. You can instantly receive information from friends and colleagues and can send and receive information, pictures, audio, and video information.
How to Get One
If you're looking for the best translator for travel, Muama Enence is what you'll need. Don't bother with a Spanish translator app, or a Chinese translator app, this device is the only voice translator you'll ever need.
The company had a hugely successful kickstarter campaign, and after initially manufacturing small quantities of 100 products, they were instantly sold out.
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