The Best Primer Shortage in United States
Press release: 04 October, 2021: It's not a secret that the demand for guns and ammunition has surpassed record levels due to the COVID-19 virus and the growing civil unrest in cities around the United States, and the prospect of an anti-gun president in the near future. 209 primers are the weakest component of the supply chain, as there have been previous increases in sales of ammunition. Guns and Ammo interviewed several makers to determine that ammunition makers are not satisfying the demand due to due to a shortage of primers.
We've had shortages before. There was a shortage in 1994 after the semi-auto ban was passed. In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president and again in 2012 through 2013 following the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting. According to various sources, the makers confirm to us that there is a major lack of primers in the history of the world.
Bullets produce
Bullets are fairly simple to produce. Powder is easily available, and brass cases can be reused. Thus, production of primers is the main bottleneck in the ammunition production process. There are many ammunition manufacturers in America, but just four make primers. These four companies provide all primer supplies which includes ammunition for law enforcement agencies and military. Millions upon millions of primers are manufactured each year by these firms.
Primer manufacturing is just like other product. It is manufactured to meet the demand of consumers. Similar to the situation with toilet papers, when people hoard their supplies, they run out fast. Customers who normally purchase 100 rounds of practice ammunition 9mm each year suddenly begin buying thousands of rounds. Production isn't able to keep up with the demand. Many warehouses affected by the Trump slump in sales have been destroyed.
In the international market, primers are produced by several firms in different areas of the world. Armscor in the Philippines, for example, Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, Fiocchi in Italy and JSC in Russia are among the more prominent firms. G&A was told by an insider in the industry that many million primes are currently on their way from Europe to America by ship. This could help meet some of the demands. The primers will still need to arrive in a container, be loaded, clear customs and distributed to the manufacturers who can make use of the primers to create ammunition. This will take some time.
Primer makers are hard at work to supply the market. We operate at full capacity and will continue to work towards satisfying the current demand. Federal representatives said that Remington continues to produce at record levels in order to meet the growing demand for primers for hand loading consumers as well as our loaded rounds as well as our industry partners.
One company has created an innovative solution to the problem of a shortage. The Nevada-based Super Vel Ammunition has created an Bring Your Own Primer program. Customers who find primers in Midway USA or Brownells can be shipped straight to the business, in which case they'll be loaded with factory ammunition.
COVID-19, rioting across streets in cities and an historic election has created the perfect storm for firearm and ammunition sales. Do not expect demand for ammunition or components to slow down anytime soon. If the polls that are popular are accurate and Joe Biden is elected to be the next president in November, the actual possibility of legislation against guns is likely to generate even more demand yet.
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