Reasons Jewellery Makes Us Better Humans
Press release: 27 July, 2021: Don't think I'm being naive... first and foremost, I believe that we all have the potential to feel loved, empowered and connected by just being and breathing. Being grounded in ourselves and acknowledging that we connect to everything through our essence and spirit is sufficient. Peace, love for the true, and connection cannot be replaced by any tangible object. However, I do believe that physical objects are able to move our souls and remind us of that inner contentment as well as our loved ones and experiences.
Jewelry is a tangible reminder of the people and events.
Jewelry transports us back to other memories
The gift that we receive keeps us thinking of the person who gave it to us. We remember the person we love when we look at or wear the special item auksiniai auskarai that someone has given us. We are reminded of the moment we received the piece as well as the words spoken or how we felt all the love and closeness between us floods back. While jewelry isn't a substitute for love, it's a powerful physical reminder of that connection.
Jewelry connects us with other people and brings to mind emotions of support and love
I didn't receive an official ring for class, but the women in my family all wear the same simple ring on our pinky finger. It's a little love knot my mom has handed us to remind us of our familial connections and the love that will always remain with us no matter what. Each time I play with my ring, my mind is of my mom, my sisters, my sisters-in-laws, nieces, and my parents. It's surprisingly profound that one little piece of gold can be a source of affection and love each day.
Jewelry can make us feel refreshed and desirable
Some women find themselves feeling ugly. or obese. Or just plain unappealing. Or perhaps we are bored or tired with our look. The power of jewelry can make us feel beautiful again. When saying affirmations into the mirror isn't working making you feel more polished on the outside can give us the little boost we need to feel more confident in the inner. It's a fake it till you can't that a small amount of something to give us a confidence lift can help us reconnect with the inner sexy persona.
Jewelry rewards and empowers
Trophies aren't just little statues of gold. To honor the achievements of individuals and remind the recipients of their commitment and strength, jewelry can be given.
Military and presidential awards honor individuals with medallions and pins. Olympic medals honor the best athletes by putting a necklace around their necks. On a more accessible note The Inspiring Woman Project honors people who do good for their families and communities by awarding them with a silver necklace award.
It's a great opportunity to remind ourselves that we should feel proud of our accomplishments like the graduation ceremony or promotion to a job. Every time we put on this piece of jewelry, we feel confident that we are able to accomplish whatever it is we put our minds to.
Jewelry can bring our ancestors back to life (in our minds, hearts).
Maybe you've got the pearls from your grandmother, or perhaps the wedding ring of your great aunt. Every time a piece of auksiniai auskarai is passed from one generation to the next, it shares with it the stories and emotions connected to our ancestors.
Re-imagining the jewelry you have inherited to create new treasures is fantastic way to honor the past while giving it a modern look more relatable to your own style. The necklace may appear different, but it still has the pearls of your grandmother, so each time you wear it you'll think of her.
It doesn't matter if the jewellery was redesigned or taken from an heirloom that was originally created it's a powerful reminder of our history and the people who helped shape who we are.
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